Couvercle alimentaire sous vide

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Airtight Vacuum Food Sealer Mintiml Cover Kitchen Instant Vacuum Food Sealer Cover Black for Bowls, Plates

Bullet Points:

1、Safe and Durable - Light Weight and durable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave oven safe, stackable for easy storage.
2、Function: Keep your leftovers tasting as great as they did the day you made them by vacuum sealing them!
3、It's easy to use:just place the cover over your food in contact with a clean and smooth-surface plate and slightly press on top of cover to create vacuum seal, Vacuum seal bowls, plates, or skillets.
4、Feature: Preserve all of your food longer.There is a transparent part on the top of the product,Easy to see what you've got stored so that less food goes to waste!
5、Less Food Goes To Waste! - Preserve all of your food longer

Airtight Vacuum Food Sealer Mintiml Cover Kitchen Instant Vacuum Food Sealer Cover Black for Bowls, Plates

Colour: Black
Material: Advanced ABS
Net weight: 180g
Gross weight: 300g
Packing size: 20*20*8 cm(7.9*7.9*3.1in)
Product size: 15*19*7.5 cm(5.9*7.5*3in)


1* crisper

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